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WHF, The Big Cat Sanctuary are situated in the heart of the Kent countryside just 4 miles from Airnesco’s new offices. The peace and tranquility of the area provides excellent conditions for the successful breeding of the beautiful, yet endangered cats both large and small within the European Endangered Species Breeding Programme.  


The sanctuary are continually working to improve the cats’ habitat to ensure they have as much of a natural life as possible. In order to start building dirt mounds for the cats they required a large amount of dirt. Fortunately Airnesco were able to provide them with this from the spoil that was dug out to provide the base for the new workshop and offices. Over a period of a week, 500 tonnes was moved to the Sanctuary to create mounds with uneven surfaces and crevaces for smaller cats to explore and larger cats to dominate. Large quantities of dirt were used outside the compounds to create the illusion of a natural landscape for the cats by creating grass and bushed mounds. Some of these include water features and man made caves. The remainder of the dirt has been used to create boundaries around the parking area.


 The WHF, Big Cat Sanctuary rely upon local farmers, groundworkers and donations to enhance many of their ongoing projects. Airnesco were happy to help.



After 7 years of waiting, we are finally underway with the demolition and rebuild of the new Airnesco workshop and offices. We are now 2 weeks in and demolition is almost complete!

The new workshop and offices will provide us with twice as much room in order to handle our larger orders efficiently and ample space for our research and development projects.

Moving date is set for November 2016.

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Airnesco sponsored the U7 Maidstone Rangers for the season 2012/2013 and they finished in a fantastic position at the end of the league, although at this age it is ‘champagne’ football (no league tables) they played a brilliant season with lots of wins thanks to their fantastic coaching team.

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