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70 Years of Experience
Airnesco designs, manufactures and assembles a complete range of unique products and accessories to cover most industrial tube and plant cleaning applications. With 70 years experience in the industry we offer the most tested tools on the market. Our tools require very little operational space, are very cost effective and require minimal maintenance.
All industrial systems are now ftted with push button release compressed air fttings. These replace the dated slide release coupling and make the system safer and more user friendly. The couplings disconnect and safely decompress with one button and incorporate an aerodynamic valve seal design to prevent leaks and optimise airfow.
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The Airnesco Ferret
Designed specifically for boiler tube cleaning and having been in service for many years, the Ferret has proven to be the tool of choice for many boiler maintenance teams.
  • Cleans from 20mm upwards.
  • Requires only 45cm of clearance at the front of the boiler.
  • Unique two-way action efficiently removes stubborn deposits.
  • CE Approved.
Pneumatically powered and remotely operated, the Ferret can achieve a speed of 40 feet per minute without spinning and without flexible shafts.
Industrial Ferret Kit
The Ferret’s two-way action drives the attached boiler tube brush through the tube automatically without the need for extension rods or manual input from the operator. At the end of the tube the action is reversed and the tool returns to the operator automatically, completing the cleaning cycle.
The Percussion Lance
Powerful, fast and highly efficient, the Percussion Lance cleans combustion deposits from economic, waste-heat and water-tube boilers, economizers and condensers, without brushes.

  • 4,500 high velocity air blasts per minute.
  • Cleans a 300 tube boiler in 30 minutes.
  • Finger-trip trigger operation.
  • Automatic safety cut out.
  • CE Approved.
Percussion Lance & FLR
The percussion lance is a versatile tool that requires only a 6 inch (15cm) penetration into the boiler tubes. This unique tool is also useful for many other industrial cleaning applications thanks to a wide range of existing and bespoke attachements.
Percussion Lance
Rotary Tools
The air turbine style motor design provides an immediate and powerful startup to drive the cleaning head down the tube at high speed, removing light to heavy deposits of scale, mud and other process residues.

The range of tools cover straight tubes from .495" to 13.225" and curved from .791" to 13.225".

The tools come with a wide selection of cutter heads which are manufactured to ensure that any one tooth does not return to the same point in the tube in successive revolutions of the head. As a result, each tooth contacts at a slightly advanced point, effectively removing all deposits but preventing a tooth from damaging the tube.
Roatary Tools
Tube Cleaning Brochure
Ferret Specifications
Percussion Lance Specifications
Rotary Tools Specifications
Snuffer Lance Specifications
Brushes & Bullets Specifications
Brushes & Bullets
Wire brushes are used to remove debris from the tubes, these brushes are attached to the Ferret. Assorted brush sizes up to 2" ID are size for size and thereafter 1/8" larger than the ID of the brush. A large stock is held on site.

A range of brush bullets are available to suit individual requirements. All types are stocked in sizes from ½" to 29/32" in 1mm steps.
Vacuum Attachment
This links the vacuum of the boiler to the tool aiding the extraction of soot from the tubes to the vacuum.
Snuffer Lance
Snuffer Lance
Specifically designed for use in the oil industry; the Snuffer Lance will rapidly extinguish any small fire. Other possible uses include; chemical clearing, sterilization, vehicle/plant and cleaning.
We Recommend
Airnesco recommends Airpack2000 for all your compressed air, installation and servicing requirements.
  • Air Compressors
  • Dryers & Receivers
  • Service & Maintenance
  • Pipework & Installation
  • Refrigeration & Chillers
  • 24 hour call out
  • Main BOGE distributor

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Design Services
We offer a bespoke design service for many areas of industry; our equipment is often found to be suitable for many applications other than that for which it was initially designed.
  • Hopper Debris Cleaning.
  • Air Blasting Applications.
  • General Tube Cleaing.
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