Airnesco is a group of companies formed in 1947 that specialises in the design and manufacture of a complete range of unique compressed air operated products to cover most tube and plant cleaning applications. An addition to the group in 2001 introduced the design and manufacture of specialist tooling for the window industry.

Industrial Tube Cleaning


The Industrial Tube Cleaning product range has been in production for more than 50 years and provides high quality, air operated, inexpensive cleaning solutions for most tube cleaning applications.

The Ferret uses an exclusive two-way vibratory action to propel the brush through the tube without the need for manual pulling or pushing. At the end of the tube the action is reversed automatically and the brush returns to the operator. The Ferret can be used in Vertical or Horizontal Shell Boilers, Fire Tubes, Waste Heaters and all tubes that have deposits. A vacuum attachment or Y-Piece can be added to the Ferret and attached to a vacuum to aid the extraction of the deposits.

The Percussion Lance is powerful, fast and highly efficient. It cleans combustion deposits from economic, waste-heat and water-tube boilers, economizers and condensers without brushes. The Percussion Lance can also be used for Gas Turbines, Castings, Cylinder Blocks, Blast Furnaces, Cupulas, Shipping, Tar Distillers, Gilled Economisers and Paper Mills or any application that needs a powerful burst of air to clean or clear.

The Air Water Gun cleans condenser tubes with just air and water or the use of bullets. It can also be used for Water Tube Boilers, Air Heaters and Superheaters.

The Bunker Lance is a lightweight percussion lance used for the safe clearing of choked or blocked Coal Bunkers and Feed Hoppers. The Bunker Lance will unchoke any material including iron ore, coal, feed stuffs, etc...

The Snuffer Lance is especially designed for the oil industry to rapidly extinguish small fires. It can also be used for Chemical Clearing, Sterilisation and Vehicle and Plant Cleaning.

A wide range of Brushes and Bullets are available, usually from stock.

Military & Aerospace


The Bore Cleaning System cleans all types of smooth, rifled, chromed and steel barrels and has been supplied globally. The barrel cleaning system can be supplied to clean barrels from 25mm up to 203mm and a wide variety of steel and nylon brushes are available to suit.

The system can boast one-man, maintenance free, speedy operation and can be transported anywhere in its sturdy container.

Bofors have been using the system for some years when demonstrating their barrels and for use in the workshops along with Qinetic for testing and BAE Systems.

Otomelara have approved the system for use on their barrels and we are in the process of achieving the same accreditation from other gun barrel manufacturers.

The system can be used with a cleaning fluid if required and a heavy duty system for removing tough deposits is available in all sizes.

Aluminium Window Tooling


Our Aluminium Window Tooling provides specialist tooling for the Aluminium Window Industry.

The Hand Crimper has been in production for over 25 years and is still considered the best machine on the market. The Crimper is very cheap compared to its pneumatic counterparts and is extremely user friendly with a quick change tooling system allowing the fabricator to swap tooling in a matter of minutes. The amazing flexibility of the machine allows most domestic and architectural systems to be accommodated also. Anvils and Punches can also be supplied to suit your requirements.

Various sizes of stainless steel Chevrons are available, usually from stock. However special or unique sizes can be manufactured on request.

Jigs & Tooling. We are able to offer a tooling design and manufacturing service for various jigs and fixtures required by the fabricator for fast and efficient manufacture and assembly of their windows.

Specialist Machinery. Bespoke hand tools and machinery to suit customer requirements. For example: Sprue Guide / Button Stick, Spacer Bar Saws.



Military & Aerospace


We are still working on getting our biomass boiler up to snuff, but we cleaned the fire tubes a few weeks ago and the Ferret tool worked like a champ! Using it reduced our cleaning time exponentially and made the job much cleaner as well! My team and I are happy to have it! The customer service we've received from Airnesco was superb, all the way from tech support to parts supply.

Thanks for all your help and support. The time and continental differences didn't seem to faze the timing in receiving help from you...pretty cool!


Suki Patterson
Maintenance Supervisor
Alaskan Brewing Company

We would just like to pass our thanks on to you for the continued good service that we receive from yourselves and your equipment. You continue to provide us with a professional and friendly service. The barrel cleaning gear works very well and it is very reliable; we have never had any issue with it for all its time in service; it has kept our barrels clean to a high standard ensuring that coppering is removed effectively and without causing any undue wear. Perhaps the best compliment that we can pay is that we never hear any complaints from the gun maintainers regarding it.



Industrial & Commercial

Military & Aerospace


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